"Cautionary Tales is full of 'humor and acquaintance with pain,' as Mann said of Tonio Kroger's writing. It comes of a nature simultaneously erotic, austere, and of good will. It may be said of Goldberg, as it has been said of Shakespeare, that a dirty mind is a perennial resource."
    Howard Nemerov

"The journey in these poems is a sensual one, a search for meaning by a woman who finds her spirituality in the flesh and in the cool, detached intelligence that modulates the voice in these poems. . . . Highly recommended.
    Choice (American Library Association)

"Barbara Goldberg sees clearly the pattern and contradictions in each moment. Her vivid imagery, her direct and forceful telling, help warn and counsel her readers. One envies the eye of this good poet and celebrates the voice that in its 'hunger for clarity' speaks."
    Lucille Clifton

Erotic and austere, the poems resonate in the dark forest of the Brothers Grimm. Brilliantly juxtaposing fairytale and contemporary reality, Goldberg lays bare the intricate games of love and hate, longing and inhibition.

Barbara Goldberg graduated from Mount Holyoke College and has received graduate degrees from Yeshiva University, Columbia University and The American University, Washington, D.C. Goldberg is the author of six books of poetry, including Cautionary Tales (Dryad Press, 1990), winner of the Camden Award, and Marvelous Pursuits (Snake Nation Press, 1995), recipient of the Violet Reed Haas Award. Two of her books have appeared in Hebrew translation.

      Her Soul to Keep

Little girls welcome the beast
to their bed. He shuffles in
to the background song of father
snoring in the old four-poster,
mother baking bread in the kitchen
below, mattress buttons scratched
by little-girl toes. His great
door faces presses the pillow, hot
breath reeking of turnips and
shankbones. Dreams open wide
to the wolf's weight, the pig's
wet snout, that strange white
hoof inside cotton panties.

Cautionary Tales
Barbara Goldberg

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