These poems capture the energy and power of American yearning, especially the westward settling and unsettling - "How often we've stormed our stall/ kicked out the old boards and stood triumphant/ with no place to go."

Roger Aplon was born and raised in Chicago. He was Managing Editor of Choice Magazine with editors John Logan and Aaron Siskind from 1961-1971. In the late 1960s, he moved to San Francisco where he completed two books, Stiletto and By Dawn's Early Light at 120 Miles Per Hour. In 1996, Barracuda Press published It's Mother's Days. Since 1998 he has been living, traveling and working in and around Barcelona where he published Barcelona Diary, which is accompanied by translations into Catalan by Victor Batallé. See

      I'm the Spider

Stringing nets across your door
a flounder
sucking the waves with one good eye.
I'm desire nursing your tongue,
a hive of stars
blinking answers in the pockets of old men.
I'm the ruin of dogs
         and weak
the plotter of crimes -
burglars worship my lips,
rapists smuggle maps in my bottle of thumbs.
I climb blood,
my quill in your heart.
I eat the drops that surface in your fragile cup.

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Roger Aplon

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