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Henry Allen, Where We Lived (Summer 2016)

Blume Lempel, Oedipus in Brooklyn & Other Stories, trans. from Yiddish by Ellen Cassedy and Yermiyahu Ahron Taub (Fall 2016)

Clive Sinclair, Shylockk & the Shamus (novella, Fall 2016)

Saul Sosnowski, Borges and the Kabbalah: The Search for the Word, trans. from Spanish by Sarah Wells (Spring 217)


Elena Shvarts, Selected Poems, Edited by Thomas Epstein, trans. from Russian (Spring 2917)
Ann Slayton, An Accidental Grace (prose and poetry; Spring 2017)
Eytan Eytan, A Guest in Your Body, trans. from Hebrew by Merrill Leffler and Moshe Dor (Fall 2017)